Food & Beverages

All meals on the trek are included. Drinks have to be paid extra.

Most of the lodges offer traditional Nepali cuisine but also international dishes like pizza, pasta and schnitzel.

The most popular Nepali dish is Dal Bhat. Dal is made of lentils and spices and served over Bath – boiled rice – with vegetable curry or meat curry. If you order Dal Bhat you can eat as much as you want. The waiter will come to refill your plate as often as you wish. Dal Bhat gives you a lot of power according the famous Nepali motto: “Dal Bhat Power – 24 Hours!”

Drinking tap water on trek is not safe. You can have purified it yourself or use mineral water that is easily available in the lodges or tea houses along the treks. Sometimes during the trek it is cheaper way to get safe drinking water by buying boiled water.

You also can consume lots of tea or hot lemon for drinks. Traditionally, tea is served with milk and pre-sweetened with sugar in almost all parts of Nepal. It depends on your choice to get pure Black tea or Ginger tea.

Beer is available in several local brands like Star, Golden Tiger, Iceberg and Gold that come in 650ml bottles.

But I do not recommend to drink alcohol on the trek due to the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness and your general fitness the next day!

Here I would like to show some photos of the dishes