The Panchase Trek

The Panchase Trek is one of the best short and easy to walk routes in the Annapurna Region. It is a lowland trip. The highest point on the trek is Panchase Hill with 2.440 m. It is also called a panoramic trek because it offers us awesome Himalayan scenery with the peaks of Dhaulagiri (8.167 m), Machhapuchhre (6.997 m), Lamjung (6.983 m), Annapurna 1 (8.091 m) and Manaslu (8.163 m).

The trek begins in the subtropical climate of Pokhara and takes us through green countryside with many banana trees, rice paddies and beautiful rhododendron forests in the higher elevations. Along the way we will pass many lovely villages of different ethnic groups like: Brahmin, Magar and Gurung.

This trek is not as popular as some other treks in the Annapurna Region – though the scenery is truly breathtaking – so it is highly unlikely that we will meet many other trekkers on the tour.

Though easy to walk I classified the trek grade as moderate as we will have 3 days with daily distances of more than 6 hours.

Depending on your available time we can walk the Panchase Trek in 5 or in 9 days.

We will stay overnight in cosy home-stays and nice lodges.

Day 1: Pokhara – World Peace Stupa – Tarebhir (6 hours walk)

We start our walk in Pokhara/Lakeside and walk through the district called Dam Side to reach the World Peace Stupa. It is a Buddhist monument, one of many similar build around the world to promote world peace. The Stupa is situated at the height of 1100 m and it takes around 1,5 hours steep up through the jungle to get there. From the top of the Ananda Hill we have a perfect view on the Himalayan Range, Phewa Lake and Pokhara city. After leaving the World Peace Stupa we walk on a graveled road and reach after approx.1,5 hours our lunch place in Pumdi Bhumdi. After lunch it takes us about 2,5 hours to arrive at our destination in Tarebhir, which is located on the height of 1485 m. On the way we are passing several little villages in traditional Nepali style and have a beautiful view on the mountains. In Tarebhir we enjoy our first dhal bath dinner on the Trek and spend the night in one of the cozy home stays there.

Day 2: Tarebhir – Panchase Bhanjang (6 hours walk)

We get up early in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise with the view on the Himalayan Range and Phewa Lake. After breakfast we start our trek walking up around 30 minutes to Chisapani (1540 m) and then 40 minutes steep down to cross a small bridge over Kuper Khola River. After 50 minutes we reach a small traditional Nepali village called Philinghari (1450 m). From that point we can enjoy a beautiful view on the mountains. After Philinghari we continue our trek on a zigzag trail in the middle of the jungle and arrive after approx. 2 hours at our lunch place in Mankanpur village (1450 m). After lunch we take a graveled road to Sidhane (1520 m) and then steep up to our destination in Panchase Bhanjang (2030 m). It takes us more than 2 hours to get there. If the weather is clear we can see from Panchase Bhanjang a breathtaking sunset with the red colored peaks of Macchapuchhre (6.997 m), Dhaulagiri (8.167 m), Annapurna 1 (8.091), Lamjung (6.983 m) and Manaslu (8.163 m). We stay overnight in a nice lodge in Panchase Bhanjang.

Day 3: Panchase Bhanjang – Australian Base Camp (7,5 hours walk)

Also today we get up early to see the breathtaking sunrise on the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayan Range. After breakfast we hike up to Panchase Hill (2440 m). It takes us around 1:30 hours to get there. Panchase Hill is a holistic place with a temple which is very important for Hindus. Nobody can say who and when has built that temple. The area is rich in flora and fauna and hosts enormous number of unique plants, birds and butterflies. The hill is also famous for the view of longest chain of mountain that includes Dhaulagiri peaks in the West and Gorkha Himal in the East. Leaving Panchase Hill we walk steep down around 2,5 hours to reach our lunch place in Bhadaure (1630 m). After lunch we walk 30 minutes up and then another 1,5 hours on the graveled road to Kande (1720 m). From Kande we reach in 1,5 hours our destination at Australian Base Camp (2000 m) with a beautiful view on the Himalayan Range, Phewa Lake and Pokhara city. We spend the night in a nice lodge.

Day 4: Australian Base Camp – Sarangkot (5 hours walk)

After breakfast we start our 4th day on the trek hiking down to Naudanda (Nine hills). We pass many villages and walk along beautiful rice fields. In Naudanda we stop for a lunch and then continue walking to Sarangkot. Sarangkot is extreme popular for its panoramic view offering stunning sun rise along with magnificent mountain scenery, great view of Pokhara valley and Phewa Lake. Especially at night we can enjoy the beautiful night lights of Pokhara city. Sarangkot is also the most popular base for paragliding flights. Being on the top of the hill we can observe hundreds of colorful paragliders quietly flying above our heads. We stay overnight in a lodge.

Day 5: Sarangkot – Pokhara (2 hours)

Also on the last day of our trek we get up early in the morning to witness the absolute breathtaking sunrise from the Sarangkot Hill over the Annapurna Range. After sunrise we go back to our hotel for breakfast and then continue walking on a steep jungle path to Pokhara. We arrive in Pokhara in the early afternoon and spend our free time relaxing in one of the cosy cafes along the lake or shopping souvenirs in Lakeside.